English Live Sex is a form of virtual sex in which two or more people connected through a cam send sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. It is a type of role play in which participants pretend to be having sex, describe their actions and respond to messages from other participants in order to stimulate their sexual desires and fantasies. The quality of a virtual sex encounter generally depends on the ability of participants to evoke a vivid picture in the minds of their peers. They are also key the imagination and the suspension of the incredulity (before possible contradictions).

Technological elements

English Live Sex is usually practiced through a chat room (such as IRC or chat rooms on some websites) or an instant messaging service. The growing popularity of Internet cameras has led to a greater number of couples who use them to give the encounter a more visual appearance. The exchange of sexually explicit emails can also be considered as virtual sex. Virtual sex is often used to encourage masturbation or as an introduction to a future date for having sex in real life. Similar meetings can also be made using the SMS service via the mobile phone.

Virtual sex and telephone sex

Virtual sex is a form of sex without penetration or physical contact, only through webcams, where two or more people are transmitted sexually explicit messages, through some form of communication equipment.


Sex Live Live sex on the Internet, which includes emails, instant messaging, chat rooms, games, etc.
Sex over the phone is also a form of virtual sex, which includes written text messages or multimedia with pictures.
English Live Sex is a man who enjoys sex in a sex and in which the first has an anonymous mayor and it is easier to find a partner. Live Sex in English usually occurs between strangers and people who have just met online.

The services of sexual stimulation telephone payment are known as erotic telephone and implicit the payment of a pre-established rate per minute connection.

This form of sex has expanded thanks to the massive growth of forms of communication around the world. There are many exclusive chat rooms with the aim of bringing together people who want to have virtual sex from anywhere in the world.

So far, there is no consensus on the psychological implications of such relationships. [Citation needed]

Set of papers English Live Sex

In English Live Sex you can try to emulate real sex so that participants try to make the experience more possible as well, but it can also be considered a type of role-playing that allows participants to experience unusual sensations and sexual acts that They would not try in real life. Among the “serious” participants, English Live Sex can be part of a larger plot: the characters can be lovers or spouses, or a character could be violated to start the story. In these situations, participants often consider entities different from the characters who are having sex.

English Live Sex is often ridiculed because participants usually do not have any information about the person they are talking to: the person at the other end of the line could be a man or a woman. As the main objective of English Live Sex is the realistic simulation of a sexual experience, this information is not usually necessary or desired.

Positive and negative aspects


Since English Live Sex can satisfy some sexual desires without risk of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it can be considered a physically safe way for people to experiment with thoughts and feelings of a sexual nature. Also, people with chronic conditions (such as AIDS) can find in virtual sex a safe way to achieve sexual satisfaction without putting their partner at risk.

English Live Sex also allows well-established couples to stay in touch despite being physically separated. In relationships that are interrupted by geographical separation, virtual sex may have the important function of retaining the sexual dimension of a relationship in which for some reason the partners are rarely seen. Virtual sex also allows its practitioners to participate in a fantasy that, due to physical or social limitations or fear of misinterpretation or rejection, would not dare to make a reality in real life.


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